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Besides 4 ciong (the unlucky one) Chinese zodiacs, there are also 4 Lucky Chinese Zodiacs in this 2022 water tiger year.

According to the Chinese calendar for the new year, the luckiness of every Chinese zodiac is different every single year. Sometimes, they will be lucky, and sometimes unlucky (there will be bad luck and obstacles).

The calculation of these 4 lucky Chinese zodiacs is based on the other 4 Chinese zodiacs in “the middle or top position”, who’s already passed the unlucky year, and already passed one year. We need to remember that other Chinese Fengshui masters maybe have a different calculation.

Those who are Rat, Rabbit, Horse, and Rooster in the Chinese zodiac will be lucky and prosperous through in 2022.

For example, when they’re going to do something important, like business or work, the chance of success is higher than the other people. Even so for the person who want to open a new business, or maybe in the middle of their business, they will achive a higher sales and turnover.

For those who work as employees, the chance to have a higher salary and job promotion is open widely. Their “path” to success is kind an easier this year. The stars will shine bright, without the black cloud overshadowing them.

Those who have these Chinese zodiacs should utilize and maximize every single chance that comes this year! The complete analysis is written down below.

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The Chinese Zodiacs that are lucky in 2022, the year of tiger, included (The graphics will be updated on January 1, 2022) :

1. Rat Chinese Zodiac Prediction (1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, and 2008) – ★★★★★

Those who are Rat as their Chinese zodiac will face 2022 with a lot of transformation. Besides that, there will be some good news this year.

Their business path will make a lot of prosperity in the middle of the year. They can hold and protect their wealth by controlling the expenses tightly. Maybe, you need some of them at the end of the year, for the unpredicted expenses.

Avoid moving to a different job, or moving to a new workplace. You need to be stabilized to maximize prosperity this year.

The relationship of you and your partner (family) also will be happy and good enough in the whole year of 2022. Meanwhile, for those who are still single, they will get a new relationship! This year also will be good to hold a marriage, or have a baby (the baby will be have Tiger zodiac).

But, on the health side, there will be not as good as before this year. Because of all the work pressure, you might have some stress and digestive issues.

The years of birth of Rat Chinese zodiac : 1948 (earth rat), 1960 (metal rat), 1972 (water rat), 1984 (wood rat), 1996 (fire rat), 2008 (earth rat).

2. Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Prediction (1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, and 2011) – ★★★★☆

Those who are Rabbit in the Chinese zodiac will face 2022 brightly. Supported with the high lucky factor, their career prospect and business will gain a lot!

However, they might face some times that is quite hard in the workplace. Also, they will face some conflict from their business partner. Avoid unnecessary expenses and some work that feels speculative. Investment needs to be done accurately.

They also will meet some happy phase with their loved ones. For the new family, this is the right time to have kids.

Your health is also predicted to not have significant issues. Do a healthy diet and relaxation when needed. You can do a happy vacation at the end of tiger year.

The years of birth of Rabbit Chinese zodiac : 1951 (metal rabbit), 1963 (water rabbit), 1975 (wood rabbit), 1987 (fire rabbit), 1999 (earth rabbit), and 2011 (metal rabbit).

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3. Horse Chinese Zodiac Prediction (1942, 1952, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2012,2012) – ★★★☆☆

The prediction of the Horse Chinese zodiac in 2022 is, they will face some turbulence and fluctuation. So, their life will be a little slower.

In the first quarter of 2022, there might be a potential conflict, some obstacles, and a little drop. Stay focused and concentrate on your goals! Otherwise, in the middle of the year, the situation will be better slowly.

In the mid-year, career and business will grow and make some profit. You can try to invest some money in stocks with low risk. This year is quite promising for investment, but not for speculative projects.

Infidelity will destroy the harmony in your married life! You need to be careful in your married that you’ve been built with hard work.

Your health also going to be good, there will be only some small issues.

The years of birth of the Horse Chinese zodiac : 1942 (water horse), 1954 (wood horse), 1966 (fire horse), 1978 (earth horse), 1990 (metal horse), 2002 (water horse), and 2014 (earth horse).

4. Rooster Chinese Zodiac Prediction (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 2005, and 2017) – ★★★★☆

The prediction of the Chicken Chinese Zodiac in 2022 is some prosperity and luck. The businessman is predicted to have some extraordinary enhancement!

This year is also a perfect year to open a new business or unit, or for those who want to change jobs. Your ambition will be full if you want to keep the opponent stay calm.

Nevertheless, the fortune might have some fluctuation because the cash flow is uncertain in the half-year. You can overcome this problem with wisdom and flexibility.

For those who are loyal to being single, this year you will have the best opportunity to find love. So, take that advantage with charm and speech. For men who are Rooster in the Chinese zodiac, please seduce those girls with nice sweet talk 🙂

For those who have married already, the household situation will be flat and calm. But, this situation can make you and your partner feel bored.

Be careful with some health issues, like joint disorders and another organs issues, including heart, hypertension, and diabetes.

The years of birth of the Rooster Chinese zodiac : 1945 (wood rooster), 1957 (fire rooster), 1969 (earth rooster), 1981 (metal rooster), 1993 (water rooster), 2005 (wood rooster), and 2017 (fire rooster).

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Overall, the situation in 2022 will be less demanding and a little comfortable rather than the year before. We need to remember that the effects of Covid-19 pandemic are really kicking every Chinese zodiac deadly.

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